11/17/12: Definition: Success

Success can be defined through various types of measurements and values. Chris Noth, an actor, states that “you have to define it for yourself.” In addition, the journey to success is also commonly misconceived. Through Louis L’Amour’s interpretations, she claims that “too often I hear men boast of the miles covered that day, rarely of what they had seen.” Bot individuals have made valid statements in relation to the definition to success.

Chris Mccandless, a graduated student from Emory University in the 1990s with a bright mind and potential opportunity to acquire a respectable occupation with a reasonable wage, decided to forfeit society’s expectations of him. Instead, he escaped society and ventured into the wilderness in order to reflect on his purpose in life as man. Throughout his journey, he met incredible and inspiring people and took into account the experiences he has acquired. He did not measure the value of success through money or fame; but merely, he wanted to have the free will to pursue his passions. Many individuals in society lack that certain “drive” or motivation to simply concede their normal lives and follow their desires out of fear of failure. Failure is only an experience that is a part of a person’s success. Ultimately, McCandless succeeded in retaliation by finding harmony with nature and himself despite his unfortunate outcome.

As an adolescent high school student, I am faced with a similar situation of defining my success or the purpose of my future. I wish to see the world, serve my country, and attain a respectable degree of education. One of my aspirations is to escape my family and friend by becoming an officer in the military. Some may become concerned to why I would do such a thing, but I feel like it is in my own necessity to be on my own without secondary influence or pressure from others. I feel as if I have to make this decision to discover who I am. Through my own independence, I must battle within myself to find my purpose. As as a result, I will achieve my success.

Ultimately, success takes on an ambiguous definition.  And the interpretation of success depends on each person’s values and goals.



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