10/17/12: A Local Issue & Solution

Schoolwork is the one responsibility students yearn to avoid. In context to Birmingham Public Schools, the addition of homework assignments and studying expectations for exams amounts to significant time consumption. Students should have a reasonable quantity of school related tasks in order to promote their participation into other extracurricular activities and personal interests.

Excessive amounts of homework may lead to several disadvantages. For example, some students may only be receiving an inadequate amount of sleep each night. Others may find it difficult to balance a proportional amount of time for each class in order to maintain an acceptable grade. One may argue that students are simply not managing their time well. Although this assumption may be relevant to consider, there are plenty of pupils who take upon rigorous courses in addition to extracurricular activities who are deprived of any relief. For instance, some students may have jobs that require them to work near ten hours a week while others participate in sports and clubs after school. By the time these activities and responsibilities are finished, students have near two or three hours to complete their assignments, study, have dinner, and attempt to receive a good night’s sleep. This is impossible.

It should be in the best interest of the educational system of Birmingham Public Schools to encourage students to challenge themselves, but the given workload in each class should be reevaluated by the administration. Specifically, teachers should be in communication with each other to be able to collaborate about the amount of homework they plan to dispense. Moreover, the homework itself should be concise and significant to accomplish. If schoolwork becomes extensive to complete, the priorities of students change from understanding what they are doing to only reaching the conclusion of their assignments.

Although there are many different types of students with a variety of objectives in their lives, this claim may not even apply to certain people. Essentially, teachers should understand that most students struggle internally to maintain their vast workload with the intention to make themselves attractive to universities. Efficiency can be achieved between the student and the teacher if a balance is established.


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