11/07/12: Ignorance & Civics

  1. Introduction
    a. Lead: Political ignorance and a lack of civic involvement deteriorate the perception of the common man toward governmental policies within the United States.
  1. Concession: In the Newsweek article written by Andrew Romano, “How Dumb Are We?”, it is important to acknowledge that Americans haven’t necessarily become stupid, but are merely unaware and unconcerned about political decisions to the point where they are dependent on the government to exercise their interests for them without second thought.
  2. Thesis: Priority should be placed on the responsibility of every United States citizen to be well informed about domestic and international policies in order to generate an educated class of individuals who are capable of improving the consequences for society.
  3. Support
    a. The increasing economic deficit of the United States demands well informed and fiscally conservative individuals who are capable to input rational policies to cut federal spending with the goal to balance the budget in the long run.b. The emergence of rapid information transaction due to the internet and social media devices requires individuals who can quickly connect the events that occur around the world to the consequences that will result within the United States in addition to international conflicts that will require collaborative intuition among individuals who can reach an appropriate response of action.c. Advancements in domestic technology call for citizens who can morally decide how private institutions and the government properly conduct themselves for the benefit of society with that technology, as opposed to creating weapons of mass destruction.
  4. Conclusion
    a. Closing Statement: Citizens must take the initiative to set an example for the youth about how being involved and informed in political decisions improves the overall livelihoods of the United States.

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