10/01/12: Americans Tread Water in Gulf Between Rich, Poor

Jim Fitzgerald’s article, Americans Tread Water in Gulf Between Rich, Poor, provides realistic situations of common Americans who struggle to survive in the current recession. Moreover, Thomas Jefferson’s most famous writing piece, The Declaration of Independence, correlates several significant ideas in relation to the destitute of society. Through a literary analysis of these two documents, Jefferson’s vision in the Declaration of Independence is not coming true at this current time period in respect to certain individuals.

Roy Houseman, a laid-off linerboard plant employee, became distressed about his financial situation. Although he successfully took a part-time councilman position in his city while continuing his education, he struggles to make uncontrollable ends meet. In association, Jefferson states how individuals have the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. How can Roy Houseman, a devoted husband and employee, pursue his happiness to provide for this family via an occupation if that opportunity is either obstructed or unavailable? Every man should have the right to make an honest wage in order to provide for themselves and their family. Furthermore, Jefferson states how the purpose of a government is to secure the rights and property of its people and to find a common ground between Safety and Happiness. How happy is Roy with his $12,500 annual income occupation? How safe is he and his spouse when they are not too far from losing their property/shelter? The worst part is that Roy Houseman is not the only one who is experiencing this unfortunate situation. In fact, there are millions of people similar to Roy. Now, what is the government, full of highly educated intellectuals, attempting to conduct to change the country’s economic downturn?

If Thomas Jefferson evaluated the current efficiency of the United States, he would be disappointed on how far we have dug our own grave into debt and unemployment without a leader to guide us out of darkness.


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