“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.” – Frank Zappa
“Life isn’t about defending yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw
“There is no coming to consciousness without pain.” – Carl Jung

Progress within the world depends on the advancement of a single individual. Influential writers such as Frank Zappa, George Bernard Shaw, and Carl Jung successfully defend the aforementioned declaration with their own insight.

Frank Zappa contributes that without being an unreasonable person who goes against social norms, acceleration in society will not be achievable in general aspects. Zappa’s quote could be correlated to Ralph Waldo Emerson’s, “To be great is to be misunderstood.” Meaning, inspirational people such as George Washington, Albert Einstein, and Martin Luther King would not have impacted society or history without retaliating against conforming to social expectations. The fact that these individuals left a memorable legacy and effect upon society encourages other’s to be unique.

In addition, George Bernard Shaw comments how it is significant to define oneself by concentrating on the future and not stalling in the present of the past. For example, students continue to pursue their education beyond grade school in order to achieve a respectable and rewarding career, rather than searching for a discouraging minimum wage job. Meaning, the future holds greatness in everyone, but in order for it to be revealed, the individual is required to progress toward their own purpose.

Ultimately, Carl Jung inputs how progress in oneself to achieve clarity in the mind about a subject requires struggle from experience. His quote and statement holds true because one has to push themselves in order to improve their ambitions. For example, cross country athletes implement rigorous routines upon themselves with an objective to reach a goal. Specifically, these athletes analyze their mile splits and learn to challenge themselves to run faster each mile split in the short run while in the long run, their overall time improves. As a result, it can be accepted that demanding incremental changes help individuals progress in a broader view.

A writer’s ideas through words hold truth and a relevant impact on their audience. Writers such as Zappa, Shaw, and Jung effectively persuade their viewers to create their own identity for the benefit of society as a whole.


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