09/21/12: Writer’s Language

As society progresses into a new era of a technological evolution with the advancement of social media, much conflict has arisen from multiple disagreements over a writer’s word choice. One side believes authors should be more vigilant about their vocabulary preferences while others believe a restrain in speech violates their right of self expression. I consider and encourage writers to formulate their ideas on their own accord with an actual hope to cause questionable disputes with the purpose to improve the communication within society.

Individuals should essentially have every right to verbalize any unthreatening ideas while any quarrel of improper descriptive terminology should be considered as an educational experience for self improvement. Society should agree with the definite notion that each person is given reason to generate their own thoughts. Because of that, there is no certain solution to how each situation should be judged or described upon. Moreover, most individuals have their own biases and prejudices against events or specific types of people, maybe not out of spite, but for the self interest of personal protection should also be taken into account. It all depends on how one perceives something which is the beauty of a human’s ability to create their own position on different subject matters. The catch is that even though people should have the free will to express their emotions through speech or writing, it does not necessarily make their actions right, but it is not for others to decide upon it either. For example, there has been a great attitude change over homosexuality over whether or not if its presence should be openly disclosed to society. Although multiple people are entitled to their alternate views on this topic, the final judgment of their actions will be decided in the afterlife, meaning everyone should relax.

If my stance was applied to society, one could expect total chaos through endless insults between people, but there are limits. It should be in the best interest of each person to defend their own position with integrity while respecting the viewpoints of others with dignity, creating a placid exchange of ideas amongst society.


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