09/13/12: Memories: Revised DEMF

One of the most fulfilling experiences an individual can take pleasure in is attending an event with a great friend. Such an occurrence took place when I went to the Detroit Electronic Music Festival last year with an admirable mentor and companion, Timmy Christensen. If one was to describe the character of Timmy with one word, it would probably be compassionate. He was an individual who defended the helpless against all opposition, communicated with the most unique people, and respected  the differences in society’s cultures without prejudice.

At the concert, the mood near the entrance of Hart Plaza had a carnival atmosphere with multiple vendors and wacky people, substituting the clowns. Deeper into the crowds and separate stages, the rhythms of electronic house music began mentally flowing into our minds, creating a certain type of euphoria. Once we arrived into a techno stage, we became part of a movement of tranquil individuals. We observed how people were untroubled to express themselves by wearing gas masks and smurf unitards while radically dancing. The moment when the beat of Gold Panda – You engulfed our ears, we became infinite. People did not concern themselves to who they essentially were, but who they wanted to be that day without being judged. Although many people were involved in questionable activities during the concert, the only relevant idea that could be derived from the situation was the fact that people were essentially happy. After the conclusion of the gig, Timmy and I went to the American Coney Island in order to cool-down of minds from the intensity of the concert. Before reaching home, we casually drove around Detroit past curfew while listening to our own favorite artists and appreciated the power of music through its own unexplainable humanistic connection.

The moral of the story intends to describe how the meaning of life isn’t necessarily about becoming wealthy or frantically pursuing higher education, but to appreciate the time available through unforgettable experiences with friends and family.


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