09/12/12: Pet Peeve: Obvious Lies

Stuttering, muttering, and rambling, are obvious indications of an uncomfortable disposition within individuals. Words become unsuitable in correlation to tone and physical gestures. It is ultimately conspicuous that one is eventually subject to disappointing lies. Although speech is only an instrument of deception, appearance and decisions reveal truth to character.

High school, an establishment of much judgment, is where many students are compulsive to find a position of social acceptance between their peers. As a result, these individuals lie to themselves. Meaning, some students replace their previous companions in order to gain leverage in the status quo of social dominance. Others partake in questionable activities at parties such as drug abuse, smoking, and consuming alcoholic beverages in order to create a name for themselves.  Some become defensive and justify their actions through complaining about their personal problems, even though it is a logical fallacy, most desire the attention. People just simply pretend to themselves through lies. Furthermore, several students prefer play dress up to create an appearance equivalent to a clown or a prostitute. Although it may seem humorous for a moment, the purpose is essentially dehumanizing and embarrassing in the end. Finally, the topic of gender approval is a relevant component to character perception and self-deceit. In essence, there is no respectable temperament between girls and guys anymore due to a loss of values in relationships. It is not uncommon for both genders to swindle each other for sexual benefits until one of their core characters is exposed and left in the dust.

In conclusion, students must be true to themselves and act upon it. Once grade school is complete, and college begins, most social experiences become irrelevant. As Baltasar Gracian once said, “A single lie destroys a whole reputation for integrity.”  Society should begin to demonstrate how honesty is one of the most dignified qualities one could possibly possess.


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