09/11/12: Macklemore: Life Is Cinema

Music speaks through everyone in unexplainable methods. It is indifferent whether one lives in Europe or North America, music is an admirable universal languages of the world. Sound allows people to express their emotions and ideas in order to relate and connect with other individuals to create social harmony. One respectable and underrated hip-hop and rap artist is Ben Haggerty, better known as Macklemore. Originating from Seattle, Washington, Macklemore began his career in the early twenty-first century by reaching out to the younger generations. Macklemore’s songs usually preach about the relevance against consumerism and drug use while promoting self-purpose. Some of his subject matter revolves around his past drug abuse experience to Oxycodone, a neurological pain reliever, in order to encourage adolescents to veer away from a self-destructive path. Most importantly, Macklemore appreciates an artistic atmosphere and values a simplistic lifestyle, obvious through his low budget, but creative production styles and self-intended empty record label position.

One of Macklemore’s undervalued tunes is “Life Is Cinema” from the The VS. EP album. The song takes on a progressive and self-inflicted antagonism about how measure and define of one’s life. The song specifically revolves around Macklemore’s battle to create his personal legacy. He attempts to distinguish what is irrelevant and disposable in his life while waiting for an opportunity to prove his significance as a human being. Lines such as “Nah, give me a break through, can I get a montage, come on I need that … Humble me, give me a conflict, a hardship, let me break through this cement… I realized that my movie sucked and I was the only one that could edit it,” demonstrate his yearning for change in his life to perform an act of triumph. Furthermore, he perceives a deist outlook on life by declaring how life is a motion picture with God as its observer through, “The page is a set of eyelids … The booth is an instrument that God created … To record us tryin to find him.” Ultimately, he attempts to separate religious beliefs and character by stating, “Religion and spirit are two different pilots” with spirit being responsible for heartening his soul to pursue greatness.


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